Advanced notice allows us to provide you with the best service. With typical sized orders we recommend ordering at least 2-4 weeks in advance. With larger orders we recommend 3-6 months for proper planning. Of course, we can accommodate orders placed on day of and 24-hour notice (additional fees will apply).

All flatware, serving pieces and china should be rinsed, free of food residue and placed in the supplied crates, racks, or bins.

Professional Setup/Breakdown of tables, chairs, linens, etc. is available for a fee. Setup is included for tents, floors, stages, pipe & drape.

A damage waiver will cover minor loss and/or damages (one chipped glass, or stained napkin). The only way you will get an additional bill for damage after the fact, is if there was an unusual amount of damage, or neglect while using our equipment: example leaving chairs out in the rain.

Call the office (404-475-6655) immediately to speak with your sales representative about remedying the situation. If after hours call the office and dial 3 for emergency line.

Call the office to make an appointment with a sales representative.

We do not sell any of our items. We are strictly a rental company only.

Yes. You may make changes to your order while it is in deposit status. We ask that orders be paid in full 10 days prior to delivery so any reductions after paid in full will fall under cancelation policy terms. All cancellations or restrictions made to a contract within 10 days of delivery or customer pick-up are subject to a restocking fee of 50%.


A rain plan is similar to insurance.  Client reserves the tent and any associated equipment with a 50% Non-Refundable deposit. PTE holds the equipment for that event and cannot rent it elsewhere.

The client should call Peachtree Tents 72 hours prior to the delivery date & time stated on the contract with a decision to confirm or cancel the tent delivery.

     *If confirmed, the remaining balance is due at time of confirmation and tent will be delivered as stated on contract. PTE requires payment prior to loading the truck.

     *If cancelled, the tent will be removed from the schedule and contract will be adjusted, reflecting a 50% cost on tent items to equal the initial rain plan deposit. If other items (tables, chairs) remain on the contract and are still schedule for delivery, all other associated charges are still due*.

High Peaks look like pole tents but use a frame, four legs, cross cables and tensioned center pole to stretch the vinyl and create the center peak that some refer to as the circus style.  High Peak tents are available in fixed sizes of 10x10, 15x15, 20x20, and 20x30.  Slidetrack tents are an expandable frame tent with a rail system that firmly holds the vinyl tops and sidewalls in place. Slidetrack tents are available in widths of 16’, 20’, 30, 40’, 50’ and are expandable in length.  Please refer to our tenting section for more information on all styles of tents.

Tents cannot be picked up.  We deliver and professionally install all of our tents.  Pop Up tents are available for customer pick up.

We don’t. Speak with a sales associate about a comparable tent option.

Delivery and Pick-up Service

Standard transportation charges apply to deliveries and pickups between the hours of 8AM and 5PM, Monday through Saturday.  Charges are defined by the distance from our warehouse. Additional charges apply for after-hours, dedicated time windows, excessive distance from truck or obstacles, and large orders requiring more than one vehicle. To qualify for delivery, the rental amount must be $250 or greater.

Yes, small orders of linens and folding chairs area available for pick up Monday through Friday between 8:30a and 5:00p. You must have appropriate size vehicle and any needed rope, straps, etc. to accommodate proper and safe transport and protection of items. Some products (catering equipment, Chiavari Chairs, tents, etc.) are not eligible for pick up. – Payment in full is required 48 hours in advance of customer pickups.

Payment Processing and Deposits

We accept Visa, MC, Amex, Discover.  Checks are accepted with the requirement that a credit card be held for security purposes.

We require a 50% Non-Refundable deposit to reserve items.  Final payment is due 10 days prior to delivery or pick up from our warehouse.  If placed within 10 days, payment in full is required to reserve items.

Notice of 10 days prior to delivery date is required to cancel a reservation. Any special order or subleased equipment is nonrefundable. All cancellations or restrictions made to a contract within 10 days of delivery or customer pick-up are subject to a restocking fee of 50%. Once items leave the warehouse they are considered “rented”. Additions to the order will be honored if available. Tent items are subject to be charged in full 10 days before event.

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