Our Team

  • Jeff Terry
    Jeff Terry

    Chief Marketing Officer   Founding Partner

  • Shane Barnes
    Shane Barnes

    Director of Operations

  • Ginnie Temple
    Ginnie Temple

    Director of Client Relations

  • James Nesmith
    James Nesmith

    Senior Account Executive

  • Tricia Dreyer
    Tricia Dreyer

    Senior Account Executive & Director Inventory/Subrentals

  • Liz Aguillon
    Liz Aguillon

    Senior Account Executive

  • Caroline Loving Wynia
    Caroline Loving Wynia

    Senior Account Executive

  • Nicole Bernal
    Nicole Bernal

    Senior Account Executive

  • Joe Long
    Joe Long

    Project Manager

  • Ashley Fleeman
    Ashley Fleeman

    Client Relations Manager

  • Seth Crews
    Seth Crews

    IT Services Manager

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith

    Warehouse Manager

  • Rob Egerton
    Rob Egerton

    Operations Routing Manager