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Company Update

New Products

Fall is here and change is in the air! The modern look is on trend this season and we heard our clients are searching for pieces to complete their sleek aesthetic. We’ve rounded up a few fresh items and are thrilled to unveil these new additions to the inventory!


The Carson Linen Sofa

With its sleek lines and lower profile, the Carson Linen Sofa is a great choice for anyone looking to add a mid-century modern touch to their event. With its versatility, it can go from making a statement in a minimalist environment to elevating a bold modern space.


The Edison Tables

The Edison Table Collection has two table-top color offerings. With its metal frame and stately size, these will make an impact in any space. If you want to load up your table with flowers and décor, the Edison will give you plenty of space without allowing your guests to feel cramped while dining. The seamless design of these tables will complement any venue space!


Blythe Lounge Seating

We can’t decide which view we like best of our new Blythe Sofa and Chairs – the beautiful tufted fabric details on the front, or the natural wood carvings on the back? No matter where you’re standing in the room, this seating will look stunning. They’re also comfortable and spacious enough to seat several guests at once.


The Bone Stiletto Flatware

Whether you are looking to achieve a monochromatic look or something bolder, the Bone Stiletto Flatware’s modern style can be used to enhance the aesthetic of any tabletop. The handle detailing sets the flatware apart from the rest.


Wooden Upright for Café Lights

Wooden Upright for Cafe Lights

Illuminate your open-air affair with our new Wooden Uprights for café lighting. The wood tones blend seamlessly into any setting. Whether used indoor or outdoor, this item is the perfect complement to our Café String Lights that offer a warm ambiance and intimate feel.


Boxwood Wall

We’re excited to announce our new eight-foot tall Boxwood Walls. Let the 32 square feet of lush, faux greenery provide the perfect backdrop to your upcoming affair. Put your touch on the boxwood walls with accent décor, signage, or lighting. They are great to use behind a bar, for displaying seating assignments, to break up a lounge space, or even to create a fun photo op for your guests!


We are so excited about these latest adds and all the upcoming event designs to incorporate these items.

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