The Sailcloth Tent: Sophisticated & Stylish Shelter For Your Next Event

Posted on January 10 2020

The Sailcloth Tent: Sophisticated & Stylish Shelter For Your Next Event

With its elegant lines and magical glow, our Sailcloth Tent provides a sophisticated setting for events of all kinds. The tent’s design is timeless and versatile, with a unique translucent canopy top and timber poles that set it apart from the standard frame pole tent. Whether you’re hosting a coastal celebration, a plantation courtyard ceremony, a woodsy meadow wedding or a backyard gathering, the Sailcloth Tent is the perfect option for adding shelter and styled to your space. We’re sharing a few reasons why we love this tent and a few of our other favorite accent items to pair with it.

                                                    Photo provided by Aaron and Jillian Photography


The translucent canopy top creates a gorgeous setting in the daylight and beneath the stars.

The Sailcloth Tent’s winning feature is its lightweight and waterproof top. The canopy allows natural light to soak through during the day, while still shading guests from the heat. Most tents fade into the background as the night goes on, but the Sailcloth Tent glows with light and becomes a stunning sight for evening affairs.

                                                  Photos provided by Aaron and Jillian Photography


You don’t have to sacrifice style for shelter if bad weather happens to hit.

Many of our clients only order tents as a back-up plan, in case bad weather unexpectedly arrives on their big day. The Sailcloth Tent is the perfect Plan B! It’s waterproof and durable to provide your guests with shelter from the storm, without looking to heavy. Even on a rainy day, the Sailcloth Tent will create a beautiful reception area and give your spaces a “wow” factor from every angle.


                                              Photo Provided Hannah Lane Photography

It’s the perfect fit for smaller places.

If you need a tent for your event but have limited space at your cozy venue, the Sailcloth Tent is a great solution. Its airy design will enhance the setting without taking away from the venue’s natural beauty and views.

                                                  Photo Provided Hannah Lane Photography

The Sailcloth Tent is already stunning on its own, so it doesn’t take much more to complete a reception space below the translucent canopy. Here are a few of our favorite products to pair with this piece.



Wooden Uprights for Café Lighting

Our Wooden Uprights for café lighting  are the perfect complement to the Sailcloth Tent’s timber poles. Use them for your outdoor cocktail hour, lounge area, or along the walkway leading to the tent.


Chameleon Bars

We love seeing clients use our Chameleon Bars  to create one-of-a-kind bar spaces at their events! Use multiple pieces to create a square bar in the middle of the tent so your guests can order a drink from any side. Garnish your bar with florals and décor for a show-stopping centerpiece.

Farm Tables & Chairs

Use our Farm Tables, Natural XBack Chairs, and Antique Infinity Chairs to create a glowing seating area under the tent. The natural light from the canopy will highlight the softness and warmth in the wood tones.


Lounge Seating

It is always a good idea to provide extra lounge seating so your guests have a place to catch their breath between songs and enjoy late-night conversations. Our Blythe lounge sets match the aesthetic of the Sailcloth Tent  and will create a sophisticated seating area below the canopy.


We are so excited to reintroduce our Sailcloth Tent  and can’t wait to see how our clients style them at their next events! To see more of the Sailcloth Tent and these complementary products in action, follow us on Instagram + Facebook


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