New and Improved: Peachtree Tents & Events Website

Posted on November 15 2019

New and Improved: Peachtree Tents & Events Website

We have some exciting news to share…we have officially launched our brand new Peachtree Tents & Events website!

We are always looking for ways to enhance our client experience and help streamline the event planning process. We know that our website is the first place you go to start shopping for rental items, so we designed a new site that’s organized and easy to navigate. Now you can quickly browse our inventory, learn more about our products, find design inspiration and stay in the loop on all of our new services and offerings.

We are thrilled to unveil this new website and can’t wait for you to see how much easier it is to plan your next dream event!

What will I find on the new Peachtree website?

The website has a number of new features! You can now browse all of our products in one place and we reorganized our product sections, so it’s easier to navigate through our extensive line of inventory. We even built a separate tent section to guide clients through our wide selection of tent styles. You can also now view general pricing and detailed product information.

If you’re searching for a specific look, you can shop products by style under our Inspirations page. From Rustic Chic to Modern Minimalism, we have a range of curated collections with suggested items to help you plan your next event.

Stay in the loop on all of the latest Peachtree events and learn more about our team’s capabilities on our blog, which you can find under our Recent News tab or Latest News section.

Our ‘Build a Wish List’  feature might be our favorite new addition to our website! This feature allows you to create a wish list with our online inventory, so you can shop our products just like you would any of your other favorite online stores. Simply fill out a few details about your upcoming event and a member of our sales team will be in touch with a detailed quote.  


Where is Tents Unlimited?

Tents Unlimited has joined forces with Peachtree Tents & Events! Don’t worry - all of our favorites are still here. We’re committed to providing the same Tents Unlimited experience you’ve always known. If you want to learn more about our merge, check out our Tents Unlimited Divisions page.


We are thrilled to launch this brand new Peachtree Tents & Events website and offer our clients an enhanced online experience. We hope this new website makes rental shopping effortless, so you can find the perfect pieces for your next event!

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