New Outlook, New Approach & Fresh Style

Posted on April 17 2020

New Outlook, New Approach & Fresh Style

Right now is a time of uncertainty and adjustment in the events community and, more expansively, across the globe. While no one is exactly sure what will happen next, we are certain of one thing - we are all in this together and we will pull through. And one day, hopefully, sooner than later, we will celebrate, socialize and gather together again. There will be more happy couples celebrating with their loved ones, more conferences sharing the next generation of knowledge, and more dancing at music festivals.

We have always taken pride in providing our clients with high-quality products. Now we are taking our commitment of quality to the next level. We’re implementing new processes to ensure that all of our items are properly handled and disinfected between uses. We are also adding products like hand sanitizer stations to our line of inventory and offering our tents and other rental items to hospitals, government agencies, emergency services, and restaurants.

These unprecedented times have impacted us all in ways we never anticipated. Our team is using this time as an opportunity to connect one-on-one with our clients and purchase new items for our warehouse. It is spring after all, and we’re excited to see so many new styles and products hitting the market. We’re already envisioning these rental items at events in the future!

From glassware and lounge pieces to entirely new product concepts, we are thrilled to share this season’s featured line up of rentals. These trendy new items are guaranteed to make a statement - making your event stand out among the rest. Learn more about each piece’s unique features and find the perfect product pairings in this spring inventory preview.

As a company, we remain positive and hopeful of a future filled with camaraderie and celebrations. Events will be even more special and meaningful to all of us, and now is a great time to start planning!

Melodia Glassware Collection

Bring next-level sophistication and classic elegance to your drink service with the new Melodia Glassware Collection. The Melodia comes in a variety of styles including the water goblet, wine glass, champagne flute, and old fashioned glass. This glassware’s delicate crystal details will make every sip feel luxurious.

Stemless Wine Glass

Ditch the traditional stems and drink from a trendier cup at your next event! The Stemless Wine Glass has become the new drinking vessel of choice for many clients and now you can add them to your next order. Savor every sip of your favorite wine label or signature cocktail in these sleek glasses.

Chameleon Grey Bar

Our Chameleon Bars have always been a crowd favorite and are named for their chameleon-like ability to fit any event space. Our clients loved the White and Mahogany options so much, we decided to add another color to the collection. Meet our Chameleon Grey Bar. This piece pairs perfectly with our Boxwood Insert, Antique Mirror Insert, and our brand new scalloped-edge Mirabelle Bar.

Chameleon Gold Bar

Our Chameleon Gold Bar has been one of our most popular products over the years, but we decided it was time to give this piece a little makeover. The Chameleon Gold Bar 2.0. features a new wave-like texture and sparkly gold finish, guaranteed to make your bar service area a true showstopper.

Chameleon Gold Stage Façade

Our Chameleon Stage Façade collection is growing too! The Gold Chameleon Stage Façade will bring a hint of gold and glamour to your dance floor and entertainment area.

Gold Chameleon Chair and Barstool

The Chameleon Chair and Barstool have become staple rental items for us and features a plush cushion, interchangeable fabric coverings, and elegant presentation. Its unique silhouette looks familiar because you’ve probably seen it at A-list events like the Oscars, Emmys, Academy Awards, People's Choice Awards, and other prestigious celebrations. We are proud to offer this chair exclusively to our market for your future events.

White Floating Display Wall

Clients looking to customize their entire event experience will love our White Floating Display Wall. This product is fully customizable and comes with attachable floating shelves. Use this wall to create a stunning seating chart or gift display, enhance the background of your bar service and lounge areas with a custom decal or set up a unique photo booth area for your guests to snap memories. The White Floating Display Wall’s capabilities are as endless as your imagination!

Addison Gold Coffee Table

You asked for it, and now we deliver it! The Addison Gold Coffee Table is a modern and versatile coffee table option to fit any style. The gold rim and glass surface finish will add an elegant touch to your lounge setting look.

Blush Velvet Chair

Modern styles were at the top of this year’s list of lounge must-haves. The plush and comfortable Blush Velvet Chair is a lovely complement to the Carson Sofa and velvet couches, like our Tufted Green Velvet.

Carson Sofa

Our Carson Sofa is another new addition to our lounge collection. Its square shape and tufted details will bring modern sophistication to your lounge area. This sofa is a great choice for corporate gatherings and wedding day decor.


Hand Sanitizer Stations

As we begin to gather again for events, we recognize the need for new sanitary precautions. Throughout our locations, we will now be offering hand sanitizer stations to help keep your guests safer and healthier. These stations come prefilled with hand sanitizer that meets CDC guidelines. They are easy to set up and quick to use—cutting down on bathroom lines and paper towels! They are perfect for large gatherings and any events serving food and beverages.

As a group, we recognize that we look to a new normal in the events industry and are dedicated to bringing you the same level of quality and service to all events post COVID-19. We want to hear from you as we invest in a new product line to ensure the safety and well-being of all future event guests. Do you have newly-discovered product needs or concerns for your upcoming events? Please email us your thoughts and recommendations.

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